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Today is your lucky day if you have been searching for a quality greater Swiss Mountain Dog for your family.

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About Charming Swiss Mountain Dog

We are a family-owned and run business, We sell healthy, well-trained, and certified puppies online. We aim to sell top-quality puppies, healthy and well-trained.

All Swiss puppies sold are delivered to the buyer’s address within 48 hours of purchase. All purchases are covered with a 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee. We have an easy return and refund policy. Photos on our website are most recent, it is updated every other day.

We have zero tolerance for puppy mils. All puppies are home raised.

The current promotion on our website includes free home delivery. There is no additional charge for home delivery. If purchased while the promo is on, the total you will be paying is $950 per puppy or $1,650 for two. 

Health Guarantee

At Charming Swiss Mountain Dog we pride ourselves on being far more than just a service. We’re committed to placing healthy puppies into happy homes and have a number of measures in place to ensure the health and happiness of your new family member. One of them is our Health Guarantee, which is only activated once you take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving your puppy.

American Humane Collaboration

We will continue our commitment to happy puppies by working with the animal welfare experts, researchers, and veterinarians from Animal Humane, as they examine our breeders, practices and policies for the highest standards in the country.
Together we will ensure that our puppies are from screened and vetted breeders who are committed to expanding health and welfare standards, and placing healthy puppies in happy homes.

AKC Collaboration

We are proudly authorized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to provide each of our puppy parents with a special AKC registration package, fully paid for by Charming Swiss Mountain Dog. We are committed to responsible breeder and pet ownership, which is why all of our puppies are eligible for companion registration on the appropriate registry. Charming Swiss Mountain Dog puppies are meant as companions or pets, and are not for breeding or showing. 

Industry-Leading Standards

Charming Swiss Mountain Dog spends thousands of dollars on a rigorous, proprietary screening and compliance program which screens breeders for standards that go significantly above and beyond federal and state regulations.
Our enhanced screening process is the strictest in the country and includes more than 100 points of emphasis for every puppy and its parents – Less than 10 percent of the breed partners who enter the review process are accepted into our network. 

Safest Travel

Our pack and travel partners always put the health and well being of your puppy first. We have several options for getting your puppy home safely and as quickly as possible, including air, ground and chaperone packages.

Why Us?

Find your soulmate today!

swiss mountain dog

You deserve the Best

We understand that offering yourself a puppy is no ordinary purchase. We commit to gift you a healthy, trained and exactly as discribed puppy.

World wide delivery

We offer worldwide free express shipping for all puppies sold on our website. After buying your puppy, relax. We’ll handle all the paperwork and permits required to bring your puppy home. We have many years of experience in puppy shipping and handling, plus our global network of partners are ready to acquire any paperwork required.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our customers are always right. After purchasing a puppy, customers are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. This means, within 30 days after purchasing a puppy, if you change your mind for any reason, contact us, we’ll pay a return ticket for the dog and you will get 100% refund on the purchase price. 

Recent customer reviews

Charming Swiss Mountain Dog serves you best by putting the health and well-being of your puppy first. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what real customers have to say about Charming Swiss Mountain Dog.


Hello! I thought that you might enjoy this lovely photo of Honi. She is such a beauty, goes absolutely everywhere with me, I photograph in children’s hospitals. She is amazing in every way, and has enhanced our lives beyond measure. We hope that you all are well, and that all of your pups are like Honi!! (Rhymes with pony).


Lust wanted to let you know we are so incredibly in love with Angel!!! She is such a good girl and smart as all get out. She is loving life on the farm, and already trying out her herding skills on the cows, horses, chickens and cats. We never have her on a leash; she listens well and plays outside all day with us while we work about. People give good comments all the time when ever i take her out for a walk.Oh my God, am really glade. Regards Angela,

Marciano S.

We are SO excited to have welcomed our puppy home a few weeks ago. Our experience with Charming Swiss Mountain Dog was smooth and informative at every step of the way. I used the app to communicate with Charming Swiss Mountain Dogweekly and always heard back and received the details we needed. Thank you for making the experience great – I highly recommend you to friends and family. Regards Marciano.

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